Today we’re combining our work and life sections into one to discuss a really important topic.

The work/life balance in a myth.

Immerse yourself in your new project at work, then go home and spend equal time with the ones you love: that’s what we’re told work/life balance is. There’s only one problem with that advice: it’s just not how life goes. Always, there’s an ebb and flow, a time to do more and a time to relax more, and you can’t always predict when each time will come.

So, rather than trying to equalize your time, focus on the quality of that time instead, making whatever you’re doing in this moment a full and meaningful experience. When you’re with family, truly be with them, and when you’re at work, give it your all.

Mobile devices have made it so easy to “check in” with work at any time of the day. Stop. Turn off the phone. Put it in your pocket. Just be there with the person or the sinking sun of a glorious evening sky.

Set up times to be completely in work mode, but keep to a schedule that allows the least distractions possible. We all have a tendency to overdo work, so keep a timer handy and obey the clock. Put the work down. You are done for the day.

You may find that focusing on quality gives you a real sense of balance after all.


“Whatever you’re doing, give it all you got, share your passion, excitement and enthusiasm and let your vibe and energy become an inspiration to others.”

― Ricardo Horsham