Occasionally, a client tells me she’s disappointed with her starting business income—that her revenue stream is more like a small brook.

I tell her to enjoy the brook.

At first, new business income may be nothing more than a trickle. It meanders. It hasn’t yet joined the larger stream. But this modest beginning is beautiful in its own way: fresh, jubilant, hopeful—even sacred. Dipping our toes in and testing our limits with the blissful ignorance of a child—this is the stuff memories are made of.

Enjoy it before it gets wild.


Do you remember playing brookside as a child? Did you bend down at the water’s edge and dip your hands in, testing the temperature? Did you poke the bottom with a stick or chase tadpoles with the shadow of your hand?

Before the weight of the world fell on our shoulders, we knew what was most important: the simple, ever-present now. Parents often relive this joy through their children’s eyes, but anyone can do the same thing.

As spring turns into summer, look for times to enjoy the splendors you loved in your youth.


“I know that the purpose of life is to understand and be in the present moment with the people you love. It’s just that simple.”

– Jane Seymour


Pick one thing you used to love doing as a child and write it on your calendar this week. Some ideas: going for walk by a stream, jumping into a lake, wading into the ocean, going on an amusement ride, reading a book in a park, riding a horse, playing a musical instrument, swinging on a tire swing, or biking through the neighborhood at dusk.