My client Cynthia from The Log Home Kitchen has been food blogging for a good while. Although her recipes are popular and widely tested, she recently decided to expand her repertoire to include soap making.

She came to me and said she needed labels for her new endeavor, her soap line. By blending the existing food themes with her more recent pursuits, she was able to make the leap by offering a closely aligned product to her brand. This made it easy for us to use the logo I created for her in a new and simple way.

The unifying theme: self-care. Cynthia has been caring for her family for a long while, driving long distances and doing everything she can to keep things rolling. By using her existing cooking platform in a different way, she’s able to create something that helps her care for herself better—and helps her readers do the same.

Have you given yourself the gift of caring attention lately?


Sometimes truly caring for ourselves requires slowing down. Rushed care can work, but how nourishing is it, really?

Next time you bathe, consider taking your favorite oil or lotion in with you. (Yes, you can be inspired by some of Cynthia’s best sensory combinations from her website.) As soon as you step out, take a moment to acknowledge how your body carries you with grace.

Thank your strong arms for lifting the heavy burdens of the day. Provide moisture to joints that move so fluidly, letting you bend easily when needed. Thank your feet for plodding through all your day’s errands.

Celebrate your curves, your bumps, your jiggles; honor how far they’ve taken you.

Care for your body. It is part of the strength and uniqueness that is you.


“Growing into your future with health and grace and beauty doesn’t have to take all your time. It rather requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is.”

― Victoria Moran


Running low on creams, oils, scents, candles, juices, teas, tunes, books, softly textured blankets or cozy, favorite pajamas? Maybe it’s time to indulge a little and stock up.