January plans can cause us to fly high as we fill our schedules with all the amazing goals we want to accomplish.

This year, even as we enjoy the loftiness of it all, let’s remember to bring sense of gravity to our efforts. Don’t get so sky-high that you forget what’s below, what’s keeping you invisibly but securely in place.

You can achieve your goals this year—but you can do so without compromising your foundation. Think about adding an hour around appointments so you aren’t hurried, an extra day around long weekends so you can slowly get back into the groove, or a week before and after a project so you aren’t operating in panic mode if the unexpected happens.

Time is soil, and extra time offers extra nourishment for your goal.


Ever feel like your life is wind-swept? Like you are a leaf, dancing in the gale? You long to just have a few moments back on earth to collect yourself.

Consider scheduling—actually putting on your calendar—a few hours a week for you. Time to meditate, time for a massage or pedicure, or time to spend by yourself on your favorite nature walk.

Whether it’s an alone activity or something with others that feeds you and give you back your energy, make sure you actually make time to do it.

Reclaiming your sanity on a regular basis brings you back to what’s truly important and necessary, and helps you make better decisions in the long run.


“There is only one true love affair; the one with yourself. All others are expressions of it.”

― Hemal Radia


Lately I’ve been reevaluating what it means to put a task on my schedule. I used to do a brain dump and list every possible thing I could ever do, but then I realized I was getting too overwhelmed. I still write out all of the to-do’s that are floating around in my head, but now I cross a lot of them off or run them past someone else to see if they are worthy of adding to my account.