Life doesn’t stand still for anyone—and work just keeps on coming. Which is why building that perfect website, the one that keeps up with all the little month-to-month changes in your business, is probably pretty high on your priority list.

Are you actively working on it now? Or are you just in the planning stages? Either way, know that having a site that keeps up with you—your latest offerings, your recently modified services, your new accomplishments—isn’t impossible. (If you want to talk more about this, give me a quick call and I’ll let you know what can and can’t be done.)

Digital communications can always be updated, expanded and rearranged, but it’s so much easier to do so if it’s built on a modular system.

For site building, I love WordPress. It keeps your content totally separate from the layout design, which allows you to easily add new functionality when needed without having to redo everything. Like building blocks, your content can be rearranged an displayed in a variety of ways.

In this economy, your small business needs to be as nimble and efficient as possible.


How have you been doing on developing those new habits you wanted to acquire at the beginning of the year? If they’ve slipped a bit, don’t think of yourself as a failure in any way.

Sometimes setting up triggers, as we discussed in an earlier email, is enough to keep the good habits in place. But other times you need to try a more in-depth review of the situation—to become more aware of your patterns to see why you aren’t accomplishing what you want.

Having an app on your phone that lists all of the habits you would like to accomplish during the day (not to be confused with to-dos)—things like taking a walk, drinking three glasses of water, or getting to bed by a certain time—can help you visually see what is not working and also make it getting things done a bit more interesting (gamification, anyone?).

You might also consider whether or not the habit is right for you in the way you first imagined it would be. Maybe it needs to be modified to fit you better so you can be more consistent.


“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

― Paul Meyer


Try downloading a few free apps on your phone that will allow you to track new habits to see how you are doing. I personally use Momentum and Streaks on iOS that gives me big boxes to check when I accomplish things. Streaks can also be integrated with Apple Watch and Health Kit to mark accomplishments as done just by the number of steps I take or hours I sleep. They both show how I have been doing day after day.