Completing a big project can give you such a feeling of accomplishment and release. At these peak moments, it’s important to acknowledge how far you’ve come—to take in the view. To celebrate.

Maybe you acquired a new skill or helped someone outside your usual market, prompting you to ask how you might expand. Maybe you raised your prices or finally polished your website to the point of pride.

Step back. Observe. Take the time to savor what you’ve done. Only then, move on to the next goal.


When we’re right in the thick of things, it can be hard to maintain our perspective. It can be difficult to feel the love that surrounds us, the larger purpose of everything we do.

All too often, we trudge through life, stopping only for a momentary peck on the cheek, a quick side hug, or a hasty hello text.

Today, pause and look around you. Consider how much the people in our lives love us, and how we can reflect that love back to them.


“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”

– Walt Whitman


Instead of listing random offerings on your website, consider ushering your audience through a step-by-step story. Start with a freebie for an email sign-up that can help someone on their decision-making path. Then step them up to a helpful ebook, then a tutorial video and beyond. If you fill each experience with valuable help and guidance, you won’t have to do the hard sell; your audience will always be ready for the next step.