It’s the biggest thing you’ve ever done with your business, and—look!—you’re closing in on it now.

The ocean is just around the bend.

As you ride out your final river rapids, what are you feeling? Anticipation? Fear? Well, no need to be anxious. Instead, take a moment to remind yourself what brought you this far.

Even though you love what you do for a living and are grateful for the many opportunities ownership has brought you, it’s how your work affects others that matters most. As you create products and experiences that make their lives easier or help them connect and know joy, your business stretches beyond your original purpose of personal fulfillment.

It is now bigger than you.

Don’t be afraid of the ocean’s unfathomable expanse. Instead, allow excitement to ride the last few curves with you as you approach the maturity of your career.

The ocean is the place of your highest potential, where your business can meld with the whole world.

It’s also where you’re meant to be.


Someday, you will reach your ultimate destination—your ocean—where the striving of the river is no longer. And when that day comes, you’ll face a decision.

In your mature years, will you continue in your line of work, possibly passing on your knowledge to others? Will you teach, speak, mentor—maybe even write a book?

Or will you decide to simply observe the efforts of others, watching them busily ride the waves you once loved?

As with many decisions in life, there is no one right choice; there’s only one that’s right for you, and one that isn’t.


“Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads you to wisdom.”

– Budda


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