Sometimes, the direct route is best, and everything works out as planned. Other times you come across forks in the road, obstructions, or even a shortcut. None of these situations is wrong; planning for the unexpected is still planning.

Though web design has always been my primary offering, recently I’ve been blending in consultative services as well: editorial planning, social media schedule creation and business systematization. Given my passion for seeing small businesses succeed, it feels like a natural progression.

This month, one of my clients was feeling overwhelmed—even frozen—by the idea of blogging regularly. I helped her reframe her mission statement in order to allow for a wider range of topics while keeping the heart of her message intact. Together, we also brainstormed topics ahead of time.

Every small business thrives on careful planning—the kind of careful planning that allows for flexibility, too.


When schedulers ask if you prefer morning, afternoon or evening appointments, how do you answer? How many appointments do you end up canceling that occur later in the day?

Most of us are our freshest and most alert in the mornings (or whenever “first items” time is for you). Starting out your day with your most daunting tasks can greatly reduce mental and physical strain.

On a slightly wider scale, give yourself a gift of a front-loaded week where the end slides easily into the weekend.

Either way, you are thwarting procrastination and lowering your stress levels by getting the hard work done first.


“Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment.”

– Horace


Try front-loading your day, week or month so that it feels like a downhill slide rather than an uphill climb. Write out an ideal schedule, designating appointment times in the mornings or when you feel your best.

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