Ah, the money. The giving of it. The receiving of it. The figuring of it. When life presents us with money-related tasks, we sometimes give our power away without even realizing it.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s complicated. When you hire someone, you want to pay them what they’re worth. So you calculate what your budget will allow, then search for someone you like. But what if their prices are higher than you can afford? Sometimes asking “what could you do within my budget?” or trying a little bartering can circumvent any shame in being realistic with your numbers.

The same goes for your earnings. Try to take an outside view and see if you’re accepting a lower number because you feel you shouldn’t charge people too much. Raise your prices, your profit margins, your salary. If the numbers are running a bit tight, reevaluate your monthly costs and see if you can discontinue unnecessary services, source alternate supplies, or think of new ways to produce or package your products.

Sometimes rethinking things a bit actually improves your products and offerings. The only way to know is to run the numbers and gift yourself with greater efficiency and profit.


As the deadline looms for filing our taxes, we race around calculating our donations, business expenses, deductions and all those other details that get conveniently swept aside the rest of the year.

Remember back when we could just fill out the 1040EZ and be done with it? Before the kids, before the home, before the business.

Now that life has become so much more complicated, it may be easier to use bookkeeping services and tax preparers and enter in information monthly or even weekly to keep from having to do it in a lump sum.

Set reminders. Next year will be better.


“Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads you to wisdom.”

― Buddha


Try raising your prices twenty percent. Start by writing out the new numbers and seeing what they look like on paper. Then go about your day and keep “trying on” the prices in your head as you work. How do those numbers feel to you? Has it been a while since you gave yourself a raise? Has your quality improved since then? Is there more demand? Let go of not feeling like you’re enough and adopt some increases even before you feel ready. You may actually increase your sales as people begin to perceive your offerings as more valuable.