As known forces pull us from our sleep each morning and drag us through our days, what choices do we get to control?

We need to take our kids need to go to school. We need to work to bring in money. We need to take care of the things we love. And then we need to take care of ourselves.

Wait, how do we prioritize this list? Let’s try putting ourselves first.

How could you switch that around so that you have some time before you start the day for you?

I am lucky that I work at home. I purposely take Monday mornings off from phone calls to have a slow start to the week, so about half a day. The other mornings I reserve about an hour and then start my day. My clients have never complained, or noticed for that matter. I also make sure I have a carefully crafted cup of tea (I take my time to make it). A reminder to intake this day at a slower pace.

During this time I do not check my email or read through social media until I have a little me time. Instead, I write, meditate, set intentions, take a walk, or take photographs.

Only then do I begin with checking email or attending to my first client call. Doing so allows me to take care of myself so I can take care of my clients.

What can you do to honor yourself? To start your day out with intention?