That little idea is getting some good feedback and your heart fills with hope. This could be a game changer. But you don’t know for sure yet. It’s an exciting time. That tipping point where actions could tip in either direction.
Protect it. Nurture it. It will start to get a little bit bigger, then a little more.
Slow and steady though. You never know when it will take off.


A relationship between two people craves sustenance.
If left alone, it can shrink or be vulnerable to a burst of wind that will snuff it out.
If given a steady form of oxygen or a bit of kindling, it can grow, adapt and form a stable foundation.
How can you breathe air into your relationship?


“Light tomorrow with today.”
– Elizabeth Barrett Browning


What will it take to nurture an idea or relationship a small step today? Write down five small actions of kindess or care that could help it become better tomorrow. Now try one.