Did you remember to love yourself yesterday?  💖

Either you enjoy Valentine’s Day, or you don’t. Whichever camp you fall in (and I won’t be opening that debate up for commentary), I hope you also showed yourself some love.Did you? The great news is we don’t need a holiday to know when to treat ourselves and others well. Every day is the best day.

How do we start?

Here are some self-love habits I recommend giving a try.

Estimate the time something will take, and then double it. Not only do you give your mind the space it craves, you make more thoughtful decisions when you aren’t rushed. You think of other people. You receive feedback uncluttered by rebuttals. You are open to learning new ideas. And more. From getting ready, to travel commutes, to project timelines, and even cooking dinner. Simply double the time and stand firm in your decision. Any extra time will be a gift to you and those around you. Side effect: A feeling of “I got this.”

Accept your weaknesses as easily as you would accept your strengths.No one can do it all and especially not alone. Realizing this can free you of the burden of perfection. To practice this daily, at the end of your day jot down a little note about your strengths and weaknesses. Then love both outcomes and celebrate them both, which may be easier said than done. Try anyway. You can also review weaknesses to see which to delegate to someone eager to help.

Open a spot in your schedule at least once a week to expand your mind in ways unrelated to your work. Consider learning a new skill online, reading a new book genre, watching a documentary, or be a local tourist. You could also take in a new art exhibit, sample a new cuisine, or join a hiking, cooking or photography group. This can help you perceive the world from a new viewpoint and stretch your belief in what is possible.

What matters most is finding out what loving yourself means to you and committing to it regularly.Need to explore ways of nurturing yourself? Get in touch. I would be honored to help you find the right self-loving activities for you.