It flashes before your eyes.

Just a little idea. A glimmer of what can be possible. It feels warm and exciting. The possibility of it spreading to warm all those around you is exciting. Now you need to keep this spark alive.

This idea you have could be something that brings a whole new dimension to your work. What could it mean? Maybe you need to examine it further.

For now the spark needs more oxygen to grow.

How big can it get?


It’s that feeling when you meet someone new and feel like you have known them forever. That spark of something new, yet feels like home.

Of course, there is so much more you want to learn about them. It just feels like fate. Where has this person been hiding all your life? A new best friend or at the very least a new admiration.

Make special arrangements to keep this relationship at the top of your priorities.

This person will light up your life.


“You’re only given a little spark of madness.
You mustn’t lose it.”
– Robin Williams


What is that special idea (or person you have recently met) that you need to keep at the forefront of your mind?

Don’t have one? Maybe it’s time to go out and search for it. Sometimes getting out in nature or experiencing a shared activity will spark and idea that can lead to an amazing future.