We all have it. That power within us to surpass whatever boulder is in our path to get to the other side. A capacity to face the darkest skies ahead, knowing they will give way to sun. It waxes and wanes depending on the week or day or hour, but it’s always there.

We call upon it when something outside of us is beyond our control.

When our ideas are met with opposing forces. When our spirit is attacked. When our fellow humans are shown in a light that diminishes their existence.

Sometimes our assaults from within are enough to let it rise and block us from further suffering.

It’s a force that wells up from “enough is enough,” “time’s up” and “never again.” It appears when we stare hard in the face of our wounds and finally accept what is underneath. That we wouldn’t be our perfect imperfect selves without learning, changing and fighting for what is right.

It’s a power to create change.

While we do cave and turn away to process our feelings, we can always return back to strength. It carries us to the next step, and then beyond. It’s a bridge we build between our inner selves and our outer bonds.

How will you use your strength today?