Happy International Women’s Day!

To me, being a successful woman in business means you are fully present for your clients and customers. Whether you run your own shop or are part of a larger company, your attention is what matters most.

This may sound simple and only part of your daily activities, but all your previous actions support this commitment.

Being present means your distractions are off and you are being an active listener. You are there for them. This may be in person or over the phone, but it’s all about how you can be of service in that moment.

It also means you are taking care of business in the background – accounting, legal, advertising, social media, etc. – so you feel professional and confident.

You are careful to not look outward to copy (inspiration is not copying), feel jealous, or compare journeys not your own.

Most importantly, when you fully serve others with intention, it doesn’t subtract your soul, energy or worth.

YOU are doing YOU so you can be of service to your biggest fans when they need it most.

That is success.