Set the kettle on, get out your favorite mug or teacup, measure out your brew and watch the hot water flow as you fill your cup and your day with possibility.

There’s just something about the ritual of preparing what nourishes you each morning. The warmth of the liquid, the predictable comfort it provides—these are reminders to pause, to feel, to notice, and most important, to care for yourself.


This time of year, a decaf brew beckons to me in the evening. As my shoulder muscles relax after a long day of being held tight, I take a few moments to review.

For some of us, an evening tea ritual is just as important as our morning one. Whether the flavor is the same each day or you change it up with complex blends, as you savor, write down all your spinning thoughts. Make a list of what to tackle the next day. Then accept that everything you did today was enough—that you are enough.

Set aside your worry to savor these last moments of the day. They are a blessing and well earned.


“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.”

-Bruce Lee


Take advantage of technology to help your day flow more smoothly. Apple’s latest iOS update helps you calculate better bedtimes and waking times for you. (Look for the equivalent on Android.) Also, set phone reminders of appointments so you feel more prepared, and leave buffer time between them. Create calm to replace the chaos.