What you knew for sure, has now shifted. You were confident with your everyday, but now there is a hesitancy, or indecision, on how to move forward. The thoughts keep rebalancing, from one side to the other. “What ifs” fill your mind. How do you step forward?

Here are some tips my clients used to turn uncertainties into positive experiences:

Speaking out loud. When you hear yourself say the words for the first time, it’s incredibly powerful. Not only does it put the worry out in the world, but you may even find your brain reframing it as you talk. You may find yourself confirming or rejecting the idea on the spot. Also, the person you are speaking to can give feedback to help you decide what is best for you.

Giving it a valid try. Not just dipping a toe, but actually giving your idea a full go. What this means to you will vary, but you know when you are really giving something a try or not. Take a small risk and for one day act like you are living that new life. For example, maybe you are trying for a new position at work. Try dressing the part, organizing tasks, attending new meetings, and even treating yourself at the end of the day – all as if you already had the job. Not only will others notice that you are taking your work seriously, you can try on the life and see how it feels. Options such as job-shadowing, hiring a trainer for a day, or traveling can all let you sample the life before it’s real.

Build safety nets. Research finds that when people build scenarios to fall back on, they are much more likely to give it a try. Like a no-risk guarantee, see if you can document on what might happen if things go awry. Nine times out of ten I bet you won’t even need them, but the comfort of having them close at hand will help you move forward.

Take the pressure off. Knowing that there are no “shoulds” in life can take the pressure off of doing it right every time. No one in an expert the first time they try and no one gets to be an expert without failing. To help you decide, know that nothing is permanent and the best way to learn is by falling and getting back up.

Celebrate your own path. Every trial and error can be an adventure instead of an automatic failure. Listening to what is right for you will make you feel even stronger and more committed to your goals. Don’t use someone else’s roadmap. Forge your own.